In 2015, as I was going through one of the hardest periods of my life, I threw myself into gardening. I had garden in previous year, but I became more obsessive about it. I got my hands on every gardening catalog possible, I read all the books that I could find, and I started having conversations with serious gardeners and farmers about their work. As I continued down this rabbit hole, I discovered something that would be for me a life-altering epiphany: every justice issue that I cared about had some food/land component. Whether it was
the environmental impact of how food is produced, the racial disparities that exist in food access, the ways that immigrants serve as the front-line work force for our food system… even the fact that homophobia and patriarchy have been historically linked to being able to track lineage of who owned land… everything I cared about came back to food and the land that produced it.